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International transport and Logistics Solutions.

We have been providing solutions in international transport and logistics for more than 15 years, coordinating essential services to facilitate and expedite the purchase or sale operations of our clients in international markets. Collection services, bookings, shipment tracking, space negotiations, customs service, warehousing, handling, cargo adjustments, and final deliveries at destination. It does not matter if our clients import merchandise or export it. Our experience, knowledge in international markets and a constant search for excellence in after-sales service has led us to be a benchmark in quality of services and customer satisfaction within the logistics market.

At newchess, we understand and collaborate in our clients and suppliers activities. We are known for being a close and professional company with experience in international transport, logistics and business activity. Each operation is studied together to obtain the maximum advantages in logistics costs and time.


We consolidate National and International logistics services to propose a simple, agile and efficient operation. No frights and no surprises. 


We consolidate:

  • Assistance at Origin or Destination.
  • PRE Cargo and Quality Inspections.
  • AEO Customs Agency.
  • Own contracts with the main Shipping Companies and Air Companies included in the IATA CASS System.
  • Warehouses and Customs/Bonded Warehouses. Handling and reconditioning.
  • National and International land transportation. Distribution.
  • International cargo Insurance.
  • Documentary Assistance  

Contact us:       +34 912774249   Offices and network


We bet on technology
We implemented a new ERP system where our clients can have access to their shipments and related documents with a single click. WEB monitoring and full visibility about the status of your shipments.



  • We work to make our clients and suppliers activity easy. We provide reliability, information, solutions and profitability.
  • An incidence close to 0% is not enough.
  • We want to contribute to the sustainable economic growth of those around us, whether they are clients, suppliers and workers, creating a pleasant working and communication environment that lasts over time.


What make us different;

  • Proximity to the client and personalized attentions.
  • Flexibility and adaptation to changes or needs.
  • Tailormade creative ability. Quick decision-making in the resolution of any incident.
  • Coordinated and linked work teams that help in the resolution of setbacks.
  • Simple and fluid communication without wasting time and energy.